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Blockchain technology is developing over time. Some blockchain companies always try to give innovative movement, including NEAR Protocol. The blockchain recently released a new system called the NEAR Blockchain Operating System (BOS). NEAR BOS is a new category of blockchain infrastructure designed to make it easier for developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) and for users to discover and interact with them.


The BOS is built on the NEAR Protocol, a layer-1 blockchain known for scalability, security, and user-friendliness. The BOS has 3 pillars that adds several features to the NEAR Protocol, including:

  • Component

The BOS allows developers to build dApps with composable frontends. This means that developers can duplicate and combine pre-built components to create new dApps quickly and easily.

  • Blockchain

The BOS is not limited to the NEAR Protocol. It also supports EVM blockchains (Ethereum, Polygon, etc). This means that developers can build dApps that run on multiple blockchains, and users can interact with dApps from different blockchains in a single place.

  • Getaway

Gateways enable anyone to run their own decentralized front-end without worrying about the technical challenges of setting up and maintaining the infrastructure. This is a big step forward for Web 3.0, making it easier for people to build, discover, and use decentralized applications.

The NEAR BOS is still under development, but it can potentially revolutionize how dApps are built and used. Some projects, including the NEAR Foundation, Audius, and Ref Finance, are already using it.

Benefits of using the NEAR BOS

There are several benefits to using the NEAR BOS for both developers and users.

For developers, the BOS makes it easier and faster to build and deploy products, such as DEXs, NFT marketplaces, social networks, gaming platforms, money markets, and etc. It also reduces development costs and complexity, providing access to a large and growing community of developers and users, which leads to a new wave of innovation in the blockchain space.

For users, the BOS makes it easier to onboard and use dApps. It also provides access to a broader range of dApps, and more seamless and interoperable experiences. This helps to drive the adoption of web3 and blockchain technology.

The future of the NEAR BOS

The NEAR BOS has the potential to make it easier and more accessible for everyone to build and use dApps. With BOS, the blockchain is able to power decentralized frontends for web3 applications where users can store, browse, and discover any web3 products.

The NEAR team is working on several new features and enhancements for the BOS, including:

  • Improved developer tools: The NEAR team is developing new tools and libraries to make it even easier for developers to build dApps on the BOS.
  • More blockchain support: The NEAR team plans to add support for more blockchains in the future, making the BOS even more interoperable.
  • Enhanced user experience: The NEAR team is working on improving the user experience of the BOS, making it even easier for users to onboard and use dApps.

The NEAR BOS is a promising new development in the blockchain space. It has the potential to make it easier and more accessible for everyone to build and use dApps.

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